Confirmation Comparision Chart

  FORMAT FOCUS Lessons/Chapters
Confirmation Resources from Concordia Publishing House Family/Mentor Involvement Traditional Active/ Fellowship Bible Study Christian Doctrine/Catechetical Review Bible Stories/Bible Narratives Church History Martin Luther's Life Preparing for Early Communion Adult/New Member Devotional
Applying Luther's Catechism Yes Yes                   60
God's Action Plan   Yes       Yes           30
Partners in Learning Yes       Yes             35
Partners in Learning 2 Yes       Yes             35
Exploring Luther's Small Catechism   Yes     Yes             40
My Christian Faith   Yes     Yes Yes           30
My Journey in Faith   Yes     Yes             30
God for Us   Yes     Yes         Yes   10
According to Plan   Yes     Yes             32
Growing as God's People   Yes     Yes             40
Catechetical Helps   Yes     Yes             13
Living God's Word   Yes     Yes             26
Keeping the Faith     Yes   Yes             12
Pathlight:  Faith for Life   Yes     Yes             24
Pathlight: This We Believe   Yes     Yes             24
This is the Feast         Yes       Yes     8
My Life in Jesus     Yes   Yes             30
How the Church Grew   Yes         Yes         17
Luther Servant of God   Yes           Yes       17
Eyes Ears and All My Senses     Yes               Yes 30
Eyes Ears and All My Senses 2     Yes               Yes 33
Augsburg Today       Yes Yes         Yes   17
Above All Else       Yes Yes         Yes   12
Foundations in Faith Series       Yes Yes         Yes   6
Lutheran Confessions Series       Yes Yes         Yes   13

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