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Confirmation Resources

Confirmation Builder can be used as a basic stand-alone resource or as a perfect complement to many of Concordia's printed confirmation instruction resources. Concordia offers many resources that can be used as the foundation for a two-year instruction plan.

When designing a two-year confirmation program consider the following options.

  1. You may choose to emphasize the basics of Christian Doctrine in year one and Bible narratives in year two. Or you may choose to emphasize Bible narratives in year one and Christian Doctrine in year two. Consider the following companion courses which especially encourage student response and interaction through writing exercises, games, and activity.
    • My Journey in Faith (30 session Bible narrative emphasis relating to Christian Doctrine)
    • My Christian Faith (30 session Christian Doctrine emphasis)
  2. You may choose to build your confirmation program around family and/or mentor involvement. If so consider the following courses, each one year in length (either may be used first). Six Chief Parts of Christian doctrine are review in each course.
    • Partners in Learning 1
    • Partners in Learning 2
  3. You may choose to concentrate on The Ten Commandments and Apostles Creed in year one and review the Commandments and Creed and teach Prayer, Confessions, and the Sacraments in year two. If so, use the following year-long courses. (24 sessions)
    • PathLight year 1
    • PathLight year 2
  4. If you wish to construct a traditional program with an emphasis on catechetical understandings and review, you among the following options.
    • Exploring Luther's Small Catechism (Question and Answer workbook review)
    • Catechetical Helps and Living God's Word (Companion pieces, narrative and graphics with activity book)
    • That I May Know Him and To Know Him (Companion pieces, narrative and activity book useful for teaching Luther's Small Catechism)
  5. If you wish to use one of the catechetical review options (item 4) for one year of instruction and wish to use a Bible narrative review for the other year, consider the following Bible stories courses.
    • God's Action Plan (30-session Bible survey)
    • A Bible History (comprehensive Bible History course including student workbook and teacher guide for use in junior high)
    • Living in Christ (Bible story approach to teaching elements of Christian doctrine for middle school students)
    • One Hundred Bible Stories and workbook (Beautifully illustrated summary of Bible stories with workbook at elementary school reading level)
  6. Consider also the following specially prepared confirmation resources.
    • For use in Christian day school settings--Applying Luther's Catechism (60 sessions)
    • For an active, fellowship-focused approach for grades 5-6 —My Life in Jesus (30 sessions)
    • To explore Luther's catechism with young adults(14-19 year-olds) use—Teaching the Faith
    • To prepare young people for early communion—This is the Feast (8 sessions)
    • Using Bible stories to introduce children ages 6-8 to the catechism—My First Catechism (comes with an activity book)
    • For a devotional review of the catechism using fine art—To All Eternity
    • To explore Luther's Large Catechism—Luther's Large Catechism with Study Questions
    • To use music to teach Luther's catechism—Sing the Faith (CD)
    • To hear the catechism spoken
      • Listening to Luther (includes hymns by Luther)
      • Lessons from Luther (class quantities without Luther hymns)
    • To view Luther's catechism is graphic illustrated style—Timeless Truths: The Illustrated Catechism
  7. For supplemental materials for confirmation instruction that emphasize
    • Church history, choose—How the Church Grew (17 sessions)
    • Life and work of Martin Luther, choose—Luther Servant of Christ (17 session)
    • Teaching activities—Eyes, Ears, and All My Senses, and Eyes, Ears, and All My Senses 2
    • Devotions based on the catechism—Living Luther's Catechism
    • Worship—Worship Is
    • Life issues—A Small Catechism on Human Life
    • Visuals to teach the catechism—Charting the Course