License Agreement

Thank you for choosing Confirmation Builder. Your License includes an Annual License to use and reproduce Confirmation Builder materials for your congregation. Please retain the following important information for your records.


Concordia Publishing House ("CPH"),as owner and/or administrator of certain rights to the works covered by the terms of this License, grants to the congregation or other qualifying organization identified as the registered owner of this License (the “Registered License Owner"), the nonexclusive, noncommercial right to reproduce and use the material on this website, (the “Licensed Material") solely in the work of the Registered License Owner throughout the term of this License and subject to the conditions described below. All of the materials on the Confirmation Builder website are protected by copyright.


Subject to the terms of this License, CPH grants the Registered License Owner nonexclusive permission for the following authorized uses of the Licensed Material:

  1. Reproduction of the printed copies or electronic files of the Licensed Material in printed copies or electronic presentations (including video projections, PowerPoint presentations, documents for email) by members of the Registered License Owner.
  2. Use of the printed copies or electronic files of the Licensed Material by members of the Registered License Owner or by participants at events sponsored by the Registered License Owner.
  3. Public performances of the Licensed Materials at events sponsored by the Registered License Owner.


This License authorizes only the uses described above. All other uses are retained by CPH and are subject to separate permission. Examples of such prohibited uses include:

  1. Preparation of new musical arrangements of copyrighted text or music in the Licensed Material.
  2. Distribution of the Licensed Material outside of the Registered License Owner's organization beyond events sponsored by the Registered License Owner.
  3. Translation of the texts of the Licensed Material into any other language.
  4. Posting of Licensed Material for public display or on a website.
  5. Any commercial use of the materials or quotes from the materials.
  6. Use of the Licensed Material, either in print or electronic form, after expiration of the License.
  7. Any other use not specifically authorized by this License.


All uses of the Licensed Material must be accompanied by the use of the appropriate statement acknowledging the copyright status. Copyright credit lines for material covered by this License must follow this format:

Compiled using Confirmation Builder © 2010 Concordia Publishing House.
Reprinted by permission under Confirmation Builder Annual License. (note italics)


The Registered License Owner is provided with up to 12 logins for use by individuals (employees and/or volunteers) who will need access to Licensed Material on behalf of Registered License Owner only. The rights granted by this License are not transferable to any other individual, congregation or organization without written permission of CPH. Registered License Owner shall promptly notify CPH if an individual with a username is no longer employed by, or volunteering for, Registered License Owner. An individual’s login and permission for use cease at the time they are no longer employed by, or volunteering for, Registered License Owner.


Confirmation Builder licenses are annual. License renewal is automatic. Registered License Owners may cancel their License before the expiration of their current license period. License renewal fees are billed at the annual rate in effect at the time of the renewal. These rates are subject to change without notice. Cancelation of the License terminates all rights to use of all Licensed Materials and any materials produced by Registered License Owner from Licensed Materials.


CPH may terminate the License or deny access to specific users at its sole discretion if the Registered License Owner or an individual user:

  1. Does not use the specified copyright acknowledgement credit lines.
  2. Assigns the License to any individual, congregation, or organization without permission.
  3. Does not otherwise comply with the terms of the License.
  4. Makes and/or distributes unauthorized copies of the Licensed Material.


If the Registered License Owner chooses at any time not to renew the Annual License or if License is otherwise terminated, upon expiration or termination of the License all printed and electronic copies or originals of the Licensed Material must be destroyed.


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